Business Automation

Business Automation

How to set up your Aweber autoresponder and follow up email series step by step!

Today I will show you:

  • How to create a list in Aweber;

  • How to create an email and add it to the follow up series for that list;

  • How to create a form in Aweber for a list and add the code into a page on your WordPress website!

Business Automation Software like Aweber makes the task of following up with prospects quick and easy!

In this video, I show you how to use Aweber step by step to automate your business.

A form is used to capture a prospects name and email and then give them access to a gift such as an ebook or a video or a blog post that has high quality content.

The more quality content we can give a visitor to our website or to view an email, is important to build trust and authority.

When our prospect sees us as an expert or authority, trusts and likes us, we can recommend anything to them and there is a high chance they will consider our offer, and or buy it!

Cool or cool?  It’s absolutely awesome

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P.s. In our next video in the Tutorman Blueprint video series we will learn about traffic and conversions!