Business Plan

Business Plan

There are 2 business plans, the Business Plan and The Marketing Business Plan.

The business plan is focused on ‘how to’ make money online fast as an affiliate marketer and the marketing business plan is a more ‘action specific’ step by step business plan.

From my experience: To start and grow a profitable online business you will need to take action using the ideas from both business plans in order to meet with success!

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE (How to Make Money Online Fast in 3 Easy Steps!) 

This plan is to start and grow a business using affiliate marketing, marketing educational digital products.

When done right, affiliate marketing can be the primary or only business you need to run.

There are 3 things we need to do to succeed.

Step 1 – We Need to Find The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing System

Because we don’t have the time or money to create one when we are starting out, true or true?

Ultimate Marketing System
Ultimate Marketing System

The best affiliate marketing systems are optimized sales funnels with a variety of products in the best online niches!

Step 2 – We Need to Find Profit Maximizers!

We need to have products that cover low cost, mid-range and high-ticket products.

What I have learned is we need to market products in the education industry. For example: digital products; coaching/consulting; masterminds/events; mindset and wealth creation.

Step 3 – We Need to Promote Our Marketing System in a Clever Way!

The methods we would use are to send website traffic to a pre-frame page and we want to capture the lead and then remarket to those same leads. With our systems in place, we can generate passive income.

Easier said than done right? You may be interested in Private Tutoring for Free, to help you step by step to meet with success!

Now let’s talk about the marketing business plan and business plan template example!

Business Plan Template Example 1

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE (The Money Making Activities)

Money Making Activities
Money Making Activities

1. My Business Model: Affiliate Marketing

2. My Target Market: Keywords and Interests
‘Wealth Creation’; Make Money Online’; ‘Start a Business Online’

3. My Ideal/Target Customer: 35-55, teacher, investor (wants to earn passive income), wants to help others.

4. The Problems I Will Solve: 

My ideal customer has No mentor/coach/tutor; No program that is step by step; and they lack focus.

I will Lead him/her to a business coach, a proven program, and the focus they desire!

Prospects have been burned before and are weary of ‘opportunities’ and education programs because many are poor quality or overpriced.

I will provide logical recommendations for ‘make money online’, ‘affiliate marketing’ and ‘starting a business online’…

5. How Will I Execute the Business Plan?

I will use SEO, Ads, Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Email etc and other traffic strategies that work!

I will recommend to them how they can change their financial situation by showing them ways to bring in active and passive income using affiliate marketing.

I will demonstrate how I do it, and as I achieve little successes, I will demonstrate how I achieved these milestones along the way to earning $100,000.

I will use video to demonstrate my ideas and milestones using screen capture and instructional videos!

6. My Revenue Streams (Multiple Streams of Income): 

There are several income streams and to begin with, I will find the best affiliate marketing products and services and systems to promote!

These systems are the best marketing systems with the best quality products and services found on the internet!

My goal is to launch advertising campaigns and scale up over time.

7. My Specific Money Making Activities: 

– I will build a WordPress website;

– I am going to use SEO to grow free organic traffic.

– I will place some ads on Google; and Youtube!

– I am going to create a few Youtube Channels and I will add several Youtube videos per week into the niches of ‘Wealth Creation’; ‘Make Money Online’; and ‘Start a Business Online’.

– When I have time I will do Instagram, Tik Tok videos, and Email Broadcasts and other traffic strategies that work for me!

8 My Monthly Expenses: 

I will spend $600/month for ads, and scale up as I earn.

I will spend $100/month on software. (website hosting, domains, email autoresponders)

I will spend $5000 on coaching. Knowing how to do certain things in the certain way to make 1 million dollars is essential for my personal development!

As I grow my business I will invest more money into learning courses/blueprints/coaching to further improve my methods.

9. My Marketing Team:

I am a solopreneur, but I will hire a marketing assistant when I start earning more than $10,000 per month.

10. My Business Milestones:

My first goal is to get a result within 1 week – to earn my first commission.

Within 30 days I want to hit my first $1,000 in earnings.

In 3 months I will earn my first $10,000.

In 6 months I will earn $50,000.

In 12 months I will earn $100,000.

Wish me luck,


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