How to Affiliate Marketing Guide Step By Step!

How to Affiliate Marketing Guide Step By Step!

If you’d like to start (or re-start) a profitable affiliate marketing business selling other people’s products for high-ticket commissions, this may be the most honest and important info you see all year!

How to Affiliate Marketing Guide
The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing!

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Affiliate Marketing Guru
Affiliate Marketing Guru

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Dave Sharpe Presenting
Dave Sharpe the Legendary Marketer

Groupon, Uber, Airbnb… And You?

Hey again…

In November 2008, a company called Groupon launched.

Ever heard of it? 😉

You subscribe to their email list and they send you daily deals near your city or online.

They didn’t create any products… they just did the marketing and played the middleman between the customer and the company.

By the end of March 2015, Groupon served more than 500 cities worldwide with nearly 48.1 million active customers…

👉 and in 2017 they did 2.84B in revenue.

In March of 2009, a company called Uber launched.

Their business was simple…

They built an app that connected people who needed rides with people who were willing to give them rides in cars the drivers already owned.

Uber didn’t own any cars nor did they ever interact with any customers.

It’s totally up to the driver to provide a great ride experience in a clean car and if the customer rates them badly the driver will get assigned fewer rides.

Uber completely disrupted the taxi industry by becoming the middleman to cars and riders…

…instead of trying to do the marketing, own and maintain all the cars and manage all the employees.

As of 2019, Uber is estimated to have 110 million worldwide users a 69% market share in the United States for passenger transport…

👉 and in 2019 they did 11.27B in revenue.

In 2008, a company called Airbnb launched.

Their concept was also simple and groundbreaking.

They built an app that connects people looking for lodging with those who are looking to rent out their homes.

Similar to Uber, they don’t own any homes or hotels, they simply do the marketing and play the middleman.

By October 2019, two million people were staying with Airbnb each night.

*all statistics listed above are via wikipedia

Entrepreneurs have started to realize the power of playing the middleman instead of trying to do it all themselves.

And companies have started to realize the power of using a middleman to help them get customers.

You have a chance to capitalize on this opportunity.

Most every company you have heard of has an affiliate program.

Amazon, Wal-mart, and millions of companies smaller than those two behemoths.

Usually, you can just scroll to the bottom of the website and see a small link that says Affiliates”.

Most affiliates programs are free to join but some require a fee or an approval process.

The problem most affiliate marketers have is finding good, solid companies they can partner with…

…and also what to look for in an affiliate program.

In Dave’s latest eBook, The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing, he unpacks exactly what to look for in an affiliate program.

The difference between choosing right and wrong could mean your financial results and your reputation.

Pick up your instant download of Dave’s new eBook here.

Here’s to your unapologetic success.

Exclusive Golden Nuggets Insider Secrets
Exclusive Golden Nuggets Insider Secrets


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Meaning:
Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

How to Grow a Successful Online Business Without the Massive Overwhelm of Creating Products, Hiring or Doing Customer Support.

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