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Investor, here’s a passive income system, and a serious private equity investment opportunity you can secure to earn crypto on autopilot…

Leo Here 🙂
Business coach, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.

I’m here to serve you, give massive value in my capacity as a business coach and 7 figure digital marketer, and to complete a legacy!

Stay until the end of my presentation to learn how to secure my 50% revenue share private equity investment opportunity!

You Can Start Earning Bitcoin Now!

Now, what I am about to show you, allowed me to go from welfare to semi-retired, working just 1 hour a day with my crypto passive income system from anywhere!

That’s without joining investment opportunities that are not proven;

And without using auto-trading algorithms that are not proven;

And without accessing my retirement savings;

I was able to take income from zero to $10,000 a month, working just an hour a day…

So what is the system?

‘Nothing works better than using a proven, the 100% no risk, metanet system’,

Let’s face it, people struggle to build passive incomes using traditional investment plans, true or true?

Instead of wasting money and time on stock investing systems,

Instead of wasting money and time with investment firms,

Instead, just invest in Tutorman, who will develop the system and generate bitcoin for you on autopilot, giving you 50% of the total revenue generated by the metanet!

Let’s hop onto my laptop and I’m going to show you exactly how metanet system works!

7 Metanet System Secrets

1. Founder(s) + Company

The creator of the system is a 7 figure marketer with a history of success in running marketing and advertising systems since 2014.

He is a person of integrity that only wants success for his customers!

The Metanet System he created is simple and easy to use!

There are step by step instructions in the training course to help you start and grow the system of your dreams;

The company provides 24/7 ticket support for Metanet System users.

Cool or cool, It’s absolutely awesome!

2. Low Cost Entry Point for Customers

Metanet System is free to try and just $10 per month to become a Student Member!

Anyone can try this!

Payment can be made using cryptocurrency BSV.

On Ramps: Members can buy BSV using and Exchange it using

Transactions are instant, with nano-sized fees.

3. Top Commissions in the Industry! Wow!

– 50% commissions for product purchases made by Generation 1 members. (members sponsored by you). These are commissions on products BOUGHT by members you introduced.

– 50% commissions for product purchases made by Generation 2 members.
These are commissions on products SOLD by members you introduced.

It’s like a team leader bonus/override, and can also be called a commission matching bonus!

Imagine If:
You, are the team leader (member 1), you introduce a business builder (member 2)
who introduces a member who upgrades to the student subscription (member 3).
All members in this example have bought the student subscription!

As the team leader in generation 1, You get 50% commissions on business builder’s student subscription purchase!


You also get 50% pass up commission on the student subscription purchase made by member 3!

Your total commissions are $5 + $5 per month!

Business builder gets $5 from the student member, and student member get’s nothing because they didn’t make any sales yet.

Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

4. Multiple Streams of Income (MSIs).

The profit maximizers include several products at different price points.

1. Student Subscription
$10 per month subscription.

Live webinars are hosted on social media for members!

Content includes interviews with business builders who achieved revenue of ’10k in 10 days’; Metanet industry experts and Metanet business owners.

Regular Weekly (and Adhoc) embedded Webinar replays are added to the ‘Students Classroom’ page!

Bonus – Getting Started,

Content includes how to start and grow the business of your dreams in 3 easy steps!

Getting Started on the Metanet video and .pdf transcript,

2. Business Builder
$100 one-time payment

As a business builder, you can control the system content, means you can:

a. Add New FREE Training Pages

b. Add New Landing (Splash) Pages

c. You can also promote your ‘primary business’ inside, which is really cool!

* You cannot change the paid product pages which are the same for all paid members!

Bonus – Big Idea Metanet Sales Funnel
Software used to help you promote your business quickly and easily!

Host your own BIM promotional website on WordPress with your own domain and or use the Big Idea Metanet App to start and grow the system of your dreams.

In the settings, you will need to change the link to your affiliate link, so that when prospects click the join button, it will sponsor them into your team!

3. 10 Days to 10K Training Program
$200 One-time payment.

This business blueprint takes the visitor on a journey to start and grow the system from zero to $10,000.

For 10 days everything I do on my laptop is recorded with screen capture software. 

These are the actual results of me using the Metanet system in the first 10 days from launch!

A blueprint is written from the transcripts of the videos I generate on my laptop!

The result is me earning at least $10,000 in the first 10 days, and members can use it as a blueprint guide to start and grow their own system step by micro step!

Bonus: Instant access to ‘Metanet Viral Traffic’!

4. Traffic Secrets – Traffic Generation Training and Resources 
$500 One-time payment.

Content for this is that this level includes all the website traffic generation strategies!

  • Top Advertising Sites
  • Top List Builders
  • Top Traffic Co-Ops
  • Media buys
  • Youtube marketing
  • Youtube Ads
  • Facebook marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Remarketing

5. VIP Club & Rewards
$1,000 One-time payment.

VIP Club rewards members in many ways.

– Exclusive access to team leader live events

– We share and develop new ways to earn BSV!

5. Digital Marketing Training and Resources

The training and resources in each level nurtures members to start and grow the system of their dreams!

Level 1 – Student Classroom (Member education);
Level 2 – Business Builder – Website customization; and access to Viral Traffic Co-Op;
Level 3 – ’10 Days to 10K’ – My Case Study business blueprint;
Level 4 – ‘Traffic Secrets’ – Website traffic generation strategies;
Level 5 – VIP Club

Cool or cool, it’s absolutely awesome!

6. Proven System

<< Watch the Metanet System Demo Video Here >>

There is some truth in this system when 200,000 members join, true or true?
After you watch the video you can register for free and when you upgrade to ‘student’ you can enjoy the valuable training content and resources in the members area!

7. The X-Factor

The X-Factors of this system includes:

  1. Founder and company 24/7 support;
  2. Low start up cost;
  3. 100% commissions (50% + 50% for 2 generations of customers);
  4. MSIs – low, mid and high-ticket digital products;
  5. Digital marketing training and resources;
  6. Instant payments in cryptocurrency BSV;
  7. The system is decentralized, it runs autonomously on the BSV blockchain;
  8. The smart contract is immutable (cannot be changed), and the smart contract cannot be stopped;
  9. No Boss, 100% Safe, No Risk and No Scam;
  10. I coach you step by step to start and grow the business of your dreams in the member’s area!

My Reason Why I Do What I Do

My reason for doing this is because of my vision, to create a legacy to the world!

Get started to get a 50% equity share of the Metanet System

BSV address
My BSV address: 15ZQrRqVLsPrf4siAtahfNvEiLDVuKYttg

Registration Available for 1 Private Equity Investor Only!

1. Send $100,000 in cryptocurrency BSV using paymail to my paymail address:


2. Email with your name and mobile number to confirm your payment!

Metanet System Benefits:
You will Receive 50% of the Turnover to The Metanet System Master Affiliate Position! 

All turnover will be collected by and half of the commissions will be redistributed automatically by smart contract technology on the BSV blockchain to your BitcoinSV wallet!

This 50% commission is sent instantly when each and every sale is made. 

The advanced metanet system (also in partnership with you, if you want?) will be activated by me and placed on the Metanet (BSV blockchain). It will be immutable, and unstoppable.

The system will help BSV adoption and establish BSV as the one world digital currency and blockchain!

You can choose to work for your Bitcoin now, or become a private equity investor with 50% revenue share of the metanet system I setup and promote! You decide now!

To our success,

Leo Hokkanen, also known as Tutorman

Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

Australian mobile: +61466662316

P.s. I thank you for the investment in advance!

Are You Ready to Work with Tutorman, or Invest in Metanet System with Me?

Watch the system demo video here! 

Business Coach

I’m here to help you to start and grow the system of your dreams on autopilot!

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is an opportunity, it’s a fantastic program, It gives everyone a chance….