Short Story About Me

Short Story About Me

Tutorman and Family
Tutorman and Family 2013

I had been a teacher in China, where I met my wife and we had a son called Dana.

Goal + Dream:
I wanted to give my family a better life, and be a full-time dad. I had no idea how I could make money online! So I was looking for a coach!

The Guide:
In search for a coach, a friend told me about a guru coach in Australia and I went and Googled him.

I found his website, opted into his form, bought a $20 workbook to his seminar, attended his free live seminar, listened to 2 face to face sessions of 3 hours each and when he said, ‘if you’d like to partner with me, there is a desk at the back of the room where you can sign up’.

When I heard ‘partner with me’, that’s exactly what I wanted, I wanted a coach that I could partner with, and my thinking was that having a guru partner would guarantee my success before I began!

I ran to the back of the room was the first in line and took out my credit card….

Little did I know, but my coach was a master copywriter, and he knew exactly what to write on any advertisement to get a direct response from the reader and he was also a master sales presenter and he knew exactly how to sell his own scripted marketing message from the stage!

Copywriting and sales presenting are skills you need if you want to be a guru marketer….

I repeat: “tell your prospect you’d like to work with them and partner with them.”

I then paid for the $4997 coaching program. …Ouch!

I was so excited that I had a new coach and a new marketing training program to follow.

I travelled to the city where the training workshops were to be held, and booked into a hotel and went to the training workshop.

Little did I know, that day 1 was, ‘The Pitchfest’.

This is where the guru brings in all his mates and they sell you everything under the Sun, including the kitchen sink.

Everything from copywriting coaching, Facebook marketing coaching, wealth and mindset coaching, and webinar coaching, etc…

I was a student, I looked up to my coach and I bought all those programs and I had now invested more than $13,000, plus travel, accommodation and expenses… Quadruple Ouch!

OK, Stop! I’m stopping here with this story, because you needn’t learn about all the dirty little secrets of that guru!

But, did I get scammed or did I make a shrewd investment into my education???

At the workshop I asked my guru coach, If he was starting out from scratch and he had $1-2000, what kind of traffic would he spend it on? He said ‘solo advertising.’ I then spent money on advertising, $5000 on solo ads and only got a return of $250…

Plus the $1000 commission I made selling the guru’s training program as an affiliate!
(I had no visitor tracking, so I don’t know where that sale came from!)

My Investment `$20,000, and My Return = $1250’. Big mistake, huge Ouch!

The problem here was my coach was not there to hold my hand and prevent me from making mistakes.

I lost my trust in my coach because of his advice and I then left his coaching program!

I wanted to build the business of my dreams and complete Dana’s legacy.

I was looking for a ‘shortcut’ way to build the business of my dreams!

New Discovery:
I was looking for an all in one system; the best online training products and a coach to help me!

I needed a system where I didn’t have to get on the phone to make any sales calls, and a system that paid me automatically into my wallet.

I watched a review video on Youtube, and that led me to discover my new coach.

I started learning from my $250 million dollar coach, who created the ‘all-in-one’ marketing system, a step by step daily training program that has produced 6 and 7 figure marketers. This is a video I recorded of my coach live from the USA in 2014.

Business and Marketing Coach

I was able to focus, complete the step by step training program which is absolutely awesome and start and grow the business of my dreams!

To your success,


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