The Blue Vase

The Blue Vase Story and How You Can Get Anything You Want In Life

A True Story by Tutorman

The Blue Vase Story and How You Can Get Anything You Want In Life.

A True Story by Tutorman

I show you exactly how to get anything you want in life when you do ‘certain things in the certain way.’ When I am at the lowest point in my life or when I really desire something more and to get it quickly and easily, I follow this ‘miracle’ method. This formula is the same actual step by step method I used to go from welfare to semi-retired in just 70 days!

You can apply this to achieve anything you want in life: Family, finances, education, spiritual and even love!

‘Whatever you ask for, that’s exactly what you get.’

Hey Friend, Leo here 🙂
Digital strategist, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.

I’m here to serve you; give massive value and to complete a legacy!

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In 1991 when I was 25 years old, I had joined Amway (a direct sales company) as an independent distributor. I.D.A. was a training company and the leading group of Amway in Australia, and I belonged to the organization under Pearl distributor Bernard and Lorette. I was a loyal distributor who was on the ‘tape of the week’ and ‘book of the month’ programs.

I had never really achieved anything significant, I was only at the 3% level and certainly I had never made a lot of money. But I had made some good friends and I felt like I belonged to that group. Meetings and events were always fun.

The Guide:
My up-line leader Bernard introduced the group to his new promotion in the middle of 1993 called ‘The Blue Vase’. The Blue Vase was a once only sales competition. The rules were simple! The person who created the most personal business volume, product sales and new group members was to be awarded the blue vase after one month of business building.

Goal and Dream:
This was a good idea, because I was competitive and I said to myself ‘I’m going to win the blue vase’. There really was no proven history or evidence that I was going to beat 100 other distributors some of which were direct distributors and top leaders! I really had no chance, I was a one in one hundred chance.

I closed my eyes and imagined that I was the winner of the blue vase competition. I could see and hear Bernard announcing, ‘and the winner of the blue vase is Ricky Hokkanen.’ (At that time I used my nickname Ricky.)

The blue vase was something I had to see and touch and I wanted to take a picture of it while holding it. Because if I held it, I could get real close to the blue vase; I could admire it’s beauty; I could touch it and feel it’s texture, even hug it. I could smell it; and I could even taste it! I can’t remember If I tasted it. Haha.

Using all my senses I started to program my subconscious mind to believe I owned the blue vase.

I would then take action completing the tasks in my 8 step plan to bring about a result.

‘Whatever you ask for, that’s exactly what you get.’

The Journey:
So, I went to Bernard’s house to see the blue vase and hold it. Back in those days there were no mobile phones, but Bernard did have a camera that would develop an instant photo. Bernard took the photo of me holding the blue vase. I tried to push my luck and I asked Bernard if I could take the blue vase home for one week, and he agreed. I took it home. Bernard had previously told me to write my goal and dream down on paper. Because he had used that same method to achieve great things.

This was on a 3×5 inch goal card.

3×5″ Goal Card

This is the same method that is found in the famous book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.

Financial Success = Dream + A Vehicle + Work.
The goal and dream was to win the blue vase competition. The vehicle or business, I was to use was the Amway direct sales business and I was going to recruit members and sell sales and marketing kits, which contained household care products and these would earn me commissions! I had to do the work, in order to get a result and possibly win the competition!

I needed a plan and I had to work the plan!

I followed the 8 step plan when building my business.

The 8 Step Plan:
Step 1 – Write Down Your Goal and Dream.
Step 2 – Make Some Commitments of time to spend in the business and the amount of money I was to invest into the business.
Step 3 – Build a List of Names.
Step 4 – Contact and Invite Them.
Step 5 – Show the Presentation
Step 6 – Follow Through
Step 7 – Duplicate Good Things (like be a 100% user of the products, and follow the system.) Step 8 – Repeat the Process by training new members!

So I wrote my goal down on a 5X3 inch card.
“I Ricky (this was the name I used in those days) have in my possession the blue vase”. Signed Ricky Hokkanen.

“I have sponsored 5 members and I have in my group 15 new members on this day the X of X 1993. (I don’t remember the exact date). Signed Ricky Hokkanen.

Visualization Method:
I wrote it down in the present tense, and I would then say the goal out aloud in front of the mirror many times in the morning when I woke up and many times in the evening before bed.

Use your imagination, and see yourself already in possession of your goal. If you can see that vision in your mind’s eye, and use your intellect to believe you have already obtained it, then your subconscious mind will take that as fact.

I would stand in front of a tall mirror holding the blue vase and see myself in the reflection as already having achieved my goal!

I would speak out aloud “I have won the blue vase”;
“The blue vase is mine”, and “I own the blue vase”, etc…  

“I have goose bumps as I stand here holding the blue vase which I won”

And I actually felt goose bumps throughout my body because my experience was so real and vivid.

You need to emotionalize it!

‘Whatever you ask for, that’s exactly what you get.’

The Journey:
In order to make my goal come true, I had to take massive action and get results. I had to make at least 20-30 presentations to sponsor 5 front-line members and build depth in my business with a total of 15 in my new group. This level is called ‘Go-getters’.

I had to drive to my friend’s houses to show presentations late at night after they had finished their work and I can remember when a door knocker came to my home to sell me something, I prospected him instead and showed the presentation and I even sold him an Amway starter kit.

I continued to read my goals and dreams in front of the mirror daily, adding real emotion adding feeling to my belief that I had already won. I even got goose bumps every time I did it, and I could hear Bernard saying ‘And the winner of the blue vase is’ ‘Ricky Hokkanen’.

Yes, I had felt that I had already won the blue vase. All I am doing is changing the paradigm of how I think from where I am to where I want to be!

‘Whatever you ask for, that’s exactly what you get.’

When taking massive action there are always challenges! I wrote down a list of friends; I would contact and invite them to meetings; Some people had no time; were busy; or said ‘that’s pyramid selling isn’t it?’;

So I just used the curiosity approach, not telling them what business I was going to show them and then I would show my prospects presentations.

The Curiosity Approach:
Leo:  I run my own management and marketing business and I’m expanding in your area. Are you interested in looking at an opportunity where you can earn a side income of 2000 to $5000 per month?
Friend: What is it?
Leo: It’s like trying to explain what a banana tastes like, so for that reason I’d like to sit down with you and show you what helped me semi-retire! I’ve got time on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm, which day would suit you?
Friend: Tuesday!
Leo: OK cool. I’ve got some preliminary information to share with you before then. Is it ok I drop it into your letter box before then?
Friend: Sure!

New Discovery:
Some serendipitous things will start to happen! I had a desire to help my friends earn a side income! I showed the business to a Chinese Friend who referred her friends. These Chinese friends had never seen or heard of Amway before, But they ended up joining my business…

Real momentum was generated and the work was quick and easy, like this was happening by magic. I was in the zone and I would sell starter kits and ask them for referrals and help them sponsor 1 or 2 friends! It was getting close to the deadline and I had sponsored about 10-12 members and I was short of my goal, and I was starting to get a bit anxious.

But I kept taking out my 5X3 card and with the picture of me holding the blue vase in my hand, I would repeat my goals out aloud where ever I was! This kept me going, but more importantly this repetition had reprogrammed my subconscious mind (the most powerful force).

My mind is the center of divine operation. There is the conscious mind where we use our intellect and imagination to ask for what we want. Then this repetition makes our subconscious mind believe what we ask for to be true! The subconscious mind would bring results that it believed to be true, and those results would then manifest into the material world.

‘Whatever you ask for, that’s exactly what you get.’

I would show the presentation about 20 times in total that month and to my amazement I had sponsored around 15 people in a group that is called ‘Go-Getter’. A minimum of 5 front line distributors, with 15 members in the group!

It was now time for the meeting where Bernard would reveal the winner of the Blue Vase competition. Bernard was on stage and he said ‘it’s my pleasure to reveal the winner, this person has built a new organization and generated more new volume than any other member, and the…

When he was introducing the winner, I knew in myself that it was me because I had convinced myself so many times over and over in front of the mirror that it was me!

So I was already walking towards the stage when he said…

The Victory:
‘And the winner of The Blue Vase is Ricky Hokkanen’ I was able to tell the audience how I achieved my success and the ‘Go-getter’ award in just 30 days! I had just won the blue vase and these were the actual steps that helped me win the blue vase competition.

Action Steps:

Step 1 – Write down your goal and dream with the date by when you will get it and with your signature!

Step 2 – Stand in front of a full-length mirror and see yourself in front of the mirror already holding your goal.

Hold $10,000 in fake notes in your hand and say: “I have goose bumps as I hold $10,000 in my hand” “I HAVE $10,000 IN MY WESTPAC BANK ACCOUNT ON THIS DAY 31ST OF AUGUST.” “I’m getting richer every day, earning money quickly and easily”

Step 3 – Record a video or audio of yourself saying those words. Play it back to yourself in the morning and the evening!

Step 4 – Imagine in your mind’s eye that you have already achieved your goal. Do this in the morning and the evening of every day! You will feel goose bumps when you truly believe. Repeat these steps in the morning and the evening. Repetition is the key!

Step 5 – Find the business opportunity or vehicle that will be the way for you to obtain your goal and dream! Plan your work and work your plan!

Step 6 – Take daily action until your spiritual goal manifests in the physical world. Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome! Good luck and you can do it! Sincerely,

Leo Hokkanen, also known as Tutorman
Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

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